Rally Driving Experience

Any rally car racing driver will tell you it is a very addictive sport; the incredible adrenaline rush of pushing that powerful engine at top speeds, your hands and feet a blur as your keep the vehicle on the track with your mind thinking ten steps ahead.

Not everyone can be a top rally racing car driver, but that does not stop many from wanting to know what it feels like to drive a real rally car, to feel that excitement and heart pumping adrenaline.

Rally Car Driving

Well, it does not have to stay a dream; you can experience the thrill of driving a rally car and you can do this at places like the Bapsfontein Rally Track near Pretoria in South Africa. Choose from a variety of off-road rally driving days to suit your needs. Are you looking to host a rally driving day for your company VIP’s or trying to book a team building event your co-workers will be talking about for weeks? Maybe you are looking to sit as a passenger while a rally pro takes you round the track at insane speeds, or do you want to be the one behind the wheel of that rally car? All these options are available and can be viewed in more detail below.

Rally Car Hot Seat experience

Expect to be briefed and given basic instructions prior to going on the track. Then when you are done, sit next to a pro rally driver and get taken around the course on test laps. You get to act as a navigator and experience the feeling of hurtling round the track at pro rally speeds. This one is perfect for a first timer as the rally pro does all the work and you get to sit back and enjoy the experience. Or spoil someone special by buying this event as a gift voucher, available only through our On-Line Travel Desk.

Drive a rally car yourself

You will go through the same briefings with some additional safety training as the hot seat experience, and then you will get to drive the rally car and make your dream come true. This is the stuff lifelong memories are made of and expect to come home with stories to tell. Get to experience rally car driving the way it’s meant to be enjoyed, by taking control of the wheel and learning how to handle those impossible corners on your own!

Rally Driving Days & Events

For those of you who want to drive with friends, want to book a bachelors driving day, or are looking for a corporate & team building events that will be the talk of the office for the next year, you can’t go wrong with group rally driving experiences. Book an entire day and treat your VIP clients to snacks and beverages intermingled with a day spent tearing around a dirt track and racing to be number one!

Book a day through one of our consultants by calling on 0861 266 548 or e-mail us for more details.

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