Rally Car Driving

Self-drive 10 Feb 079
From ZAR 2,500
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Any rally car racing driver will tell you it is a totally addictive sport; the incredible adrenaline rush gunning the powerful engine at top speeds, your hands and feet a blur as your keep the vehicle on the track with your mind thinking ten steps ahead.

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Not everyone can be a top rally racing car driver, but that does not stop many from wanting to know what it feels like to drive a real rally car, to feel that excitement and heart pumping adrenaline.

Well, it does not have to stay a dream; you can experience the thrill of driving a rally car and you can do this at the Bapsfontein Rally Track near Pretoria, South Africa. You will be briefed, given basic instructions, you will sit next to a pro rally driver and taken on test laps, you will act as a navigator and then you will get to drive the rally car and make your dream come true. Now this is the stuff lifelong memories are made of.

Remember, for those who are not interested in going on this adventure themselves, this is the absolute perfect gift to give to that special rally car fan in your life.



Rally Car Self Drive Experience Pretoria & Johannesburg

People across the world love watching rally car races and many dream of driving like a Rally Professional. Now you can experience what it feels like to drive a Genuine Full Spec Rally Car.
Price: R3,450
Per person
  • South Africa
  • Pretoria

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  • South Africa

Secret Agent Mystery Adventure

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