Experience adrenaline pumping action as you free wheel downhill, wind and steer your way through beautiful scenery. The whole exciting event offers time outdoors enjoying time with friends or family. The Downhill Scooter adventure is a new and remarkable way to explore your environment and have fun while doing it. Ashanti Travel and Tours in Cape Town offer a wide range of discounted offers on adventure tourism related packages. Whether it’s Shark cage diving in Gansbaai or an overland trip through Africa, Ashanti can cater for your specific travel itinerary.

You don’t have to have any experience and kids as young as ten can also participate in the activity, with their own bike. The younger lot can also join in as long as they are accompanied by an adult. The bike basically consists of two rather large and fat wheels with a sturdy frame. You climb onto the bike and push it forward with your feet, very simple. The bikes have no running motor and are very easy to ride and navigate. Build momentum downhill and pick up some speed as you steer your way along the route. Gravity will do the rest; you just have to enjoy the ride going down the hill.

The bikes are safe to ride because you have control of the speed at which you go down the hill. Helmets and gloves are provided to make your experience even better and safer. If you are going to join in on the fun, it is recommended that you wear comfortable clothing, closed shoes and lather up on some sunscreen. The roads can be a bit rough and dusty and it is always best to be prepared. Remember to take your camera along or use your phone to take pictures. You don’t want to miss the opportunity of capturing those special moments and the chance to get some beautiful pictures of your surroundings.

The concept and the design for the bikes actually come from Switzerland. During the summer season they ride with these bikes on the slopes of the mountain when there is no snow. While visiting Switzerland, Christiaan van Rheede, the founder of Scootours, saw how these bikes were so adaptable and decided to bring the concept to South Africa. I am glad he did, it is a fun, exciting, eco-friendly way to explore our beautiful country.

Bike adventure tours are usually guided by professionals, which makes it a lot more interesting and informative. You get to learn all about your surroundings and area you are passing through. While you are having fun you will also get to see spectacular views and the amazing countryside. The rides offer a fantastic time out in nature that can last from one and a half hours to two hours long.If you want to go on safari and are looking for good value for money, fantastic service and service professionals who are knowledgeable about the the packages they offer then Ashanti Travel should be top on your list to make an inquiry with.

This is easily a family activity, but can also be a great idea for a kid’s birthday party. Mom and Dad might agree that it could be a very good plan to get all that energy used up during the day. Many companies also have the idea and use this activity to create great team building events. I think that would be the greatest company to work for, if they offer this kind of fun and exciting venture. Another way that companies can get involved is by offering this concept as a year-end function that takes you on a Downhill Scooter Adventure.

There are different tracks available for the experienced, where you can ride a more adventurous route. There are also easier tracks, especially for the younger ones that offer a gentler ride. The Downhill adventures are also run throughout the year, so don’t let the weather get in your way to having some good outdoor entertainment.

So if you want a bit of speed, adventure, excitement and fun then you should definitely go and try this thrilling Scooter adventure.